Alvarez 5040 serial number

Discussion in ' Acoustic Instruments ' started by chrisrNov 15, Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Trying to date my Alvarez now with guitar pics Discussion in ' Acoustic Instruments ' started by chrisrNov 15, Nov 15, 1.

Messages: 23, I got this from a friend in the late 80's. I just had an urge to date it and the Alvarez website only gives info on Yairi.

If anybody has an idea could you let me know? Last edited: Nov 17, Nov 17, 2. Well, even Alvarez can't do it.

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The best they could give me is mid 70's due the four digit serial number. I already knew that much, but at least they got back to me. There are some good people there. Nov 17, 3.

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Messages: 1, Take it slow. Buy her a set of strings first, and maybe she will give you her number. I believe after or so their production moved to Korea and later China for budget guitars. If Alvarez says mid's based on the serial number, that's probably the best you're going to get.

alvarez 5040 serial number

I'm by no means an expert on Alvarez acoustics, but I hope that info offers at least some help. Nov 17, 4. As you can tell from the picture, I've already seen her undressed. Nov 17, 5. Messages: 9, Pix of the headstock, back of head and tuners, front and back of whole guitar might help.

Nov 17, 6.Click here for pictures of the K. Yairi ARE. I bought an old guitar with a Japanese language label. I asked someone to translate the label and it says:.

Made by Kazuo Yairi 2. Finest Hand Made 3. Has a "name" instead of a model number 4. Writing is very old style Japanese. I would appreciate if someone with extensive of K Yairi labels and construction could take a look at my many photos on Dropbox. I would need an email address to share the Dropbox folder with. Think I have stripped my high e-tuner, as it's not turning it all now and wanted to know the exact replacement for a DY 77?

Anyone know either where to find OEM or something is close to the originals as possible without it looking like a standout?

Alvarez 5046 SLM Acoustic-Electric Guitar Vintage 1978!

I am doing some research on the age and history of guitar. I would also like to know the value of this guitar.

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It has great sentimental value to me as my father passed in Could you please provide some photos of the guitar. I can maybe help you figure out more about this Yairi.

Hello everyone! This model is my all time, ultimate go-to, first choice and beloved guitar of personal choice- hands down! It is also a rather extremely difficult model to find- well, let me correct myself: finding one that is nearly in mint condition and with a Gloss finish now the Satin finish version I've had better luck finding! Anyway, I figured I'd take a chance here- over my time collecting the Alvarez-Yairi models I do have in my collection currently, there are just a few specific models that despite my continuous, non-stop, tireless, almost religious-like commitment to this ever-on-going, and at times almost painfully mind-numbing quest to find these last remaining "dream models" that despite all odds I just can't seem to find.

As I stated, 5 specific models I am desperately pleading to my fellow Alvarez-Yairi collectors, be ye near or far! If anyone out there should happen to have ANY one of these and are willing to either sell or trade, please contact me.

I have several Alvarez-Yairi WY-1 models that I've managed to collect over the years, each with slightly different variations to the design which changed or evolved ever so slightly every few years - I have Alvarez-Yairi WY-1s that range from all the way to this current year of For these last 5 models, I'm willing to negotiate, trade or out right buy for the right price:.

Please contact Cole, my email is ifyrnot gmail. I'm always searching. Anyone who can help me in this, please know I will be truly and eternally forever grateful! No scratches front or back and in orig brown leather Alvarez case. I never thought of selling, but would entertain offers if you are still interested.I will ship with tracking to the listed regions.

To negotiate shipping rates to other locations, please send me a message. Taxes are charged in the following regions either by the seller, per their tax policy, or by Reverb as a Marketplace Facilitator:. Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use. Buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping costs unless the item was not received as described.

All our items we sell have a 14 day return policy. If after 14 days you are not happy with the item, please return it for a refund. Please confirm your email before sending messages. Sorry, this listing is no longer available. Description This is really cool. This Alvarez is Amazing! A really great sounding and playing guitar. Sounds a lot like a Martin. Has that really great sound projection, that literally fills up the room with a rich deep but bright sound.

I played this guitar at a local coffee shop gig and was very pleased with it's performance. A really easy and very forgiving guitar that just has a really great "Feel" to it. Alvarez is a really great acoustic guitar builder. While they do have some cheap models made in China, this is NOT one of these. This is an original Alvarez built in Japan in The Tone of this Model with it's aged wood is just off the charts. I own a few Martins and Taylors and I rank this Alvarez in the same class for a lot less money.

alvarez 5040 serial number

If you are looking for a gigging guitar or just a nice player for home practice, I am sure you will be more than satisfied with this Alvarez. The guitar appears to be all original. Spruce Top with Mahogany back and sides.Order by:. Available to:. All Solid Wood. Factory Abalone inlay 41 inch Koa wood acoustic Guitar with Ebony fingerboard. You are bidding on a rare Gibson J Koa acoustic electric guitar.

The koa has a 3D look to it that changes as you shift the guitar around. It has the Gibson custom shop decal on the back. The sound is crisp and lush. Making it perfect for fingerpicking or light strumming. This is a fine all-around acoustic guitar. Made with beautiful bookmatched flamed koa, silky Sitka Spruce, choice Honduran mahogany, and jet black ebony. Waverly butter bean tuners.

One of only twelve J's built in this exceptional configuration. This guitar is comfortable to play. And comes loaded with an excellent factory pickup system that extends its versatility on stage or in studio.

1970’s Alvarez 5014

It's in excellent shape. With only a couple of small indentations Comes with original Gibson hard shell case. The guitar will be shipped promptly after payment is made. And will be well wrapped and insured. I didn't want to choose the'14 days to return option' But will gladly accept the standard 3 day evaluation most guitar sellers use. Buyer would pay insured return shipping. Powered by Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

Highly-figured Koa wood top. Although the body is chambered, response from the top is more typical of a solid body design than that of a traditional acoustic guitar. This design results in an instrument that is virtually free of feedback, making it easy to use even when the band gets loud.

This system not only produces superb amplified sound. But also Stevens Point. MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. Please call us if you would like a PayPal invoice sent to your email. Please remember to include auction information ie. Item Number and your shipping address. We ship World Wide! Please note our Word Wide Shipping prices reflect an average amount.All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Wiki User Gibson sued Ibanez over their copies of Gibson models made in Japan in the 's.

The suit specifically was for trademark infringement by Ibanez over the copying of Gibson's "open book" headstock design. Ibanez settled out of court, agreeing to no longer copy the Gibson headstock design.

Although no other Japanese maker that was producing copies was sued, since then many people refer to any 70's Japanese copy by any manufacturer of an American design as a "lawsuit" guitar. How much is my Alvarez Guitar worth? Asked in Guitars What is a Alvarez guitar worth with an model number and the serial number is ? I have an 80's Alvarez model no. Asked in Guitars What year was your alvarez model no serno ?

Asked in Guitars, Music Collecting What is an alvarez electric guitar worth? Depends on model and condition. Alvarez Regent is a series of guitars. You need the model number to determine the price. That'll be about tree fitty. Asked in Instrument Buying and Selling, Guitars How much is your Alvarez guitar worth model number n serial number ?

Asked in Guitars How much is an Alvarez guitar model worth? Asked in Winchester Firearms How much is an alvarez guitar worth with model number and the serial number is ?

Which i am willing to offer to you. Asked in Musical Instruments How much does Alvarez acoustic guitar cost model number ? Mint condition is around I have an Alvarez and it is from Commemorating the 60th Anniversary. F model no. Asked in Guitars I would like a clean melodic sounds,which guitar brand and model should I get?

For an electric a Les Paul Special is a good choice. Maybe an Alvarez or a Yamaha for an acoustic would fit that need.December 15, This is a Japanese-made Alvarez model from ' Fit, finish, build, and after setup playability are all great, and the sound has a nice, even great for recordingand balanced sort of thing going on. Rosewood fretboard, rosewood bridge with "half pyramid" style wings like on old Chicago-made parlor guitarsand synthetic nut and saddle.

Excel sheet for estimating and costing

The body is made from incredibly flamed koa wood, but it's laminate. I picked this guitar up locally and it still had the pickguard-protective film on it!

My work on it was a setup though I did do a light fret dressing. It's a good player with a neck that feels halfway between an electric-style thin and a Martin-style thicker type.

It's very similar to the newer Martin-made models like Ds and whatnot. Just visually, this is an incredibly pretty guitar. Lots of snazz including doubled and tripled binding, pearl position markers and inlays at the 12th fret and headstock, and of course all the fancy flamed koa.

Koa headstock veneer on a mahogany neck. Note the pearl headstock logo. Judging from the reviews online and also my own experience with older Alvarez models -- these are sturdy, well-built guitars, and excellent deals for the money. Even with its laminate top this is a great sounding instrument in the vein of older all-mahogany guitars -- very balanced through the spectrum and with good sustain.

Unknown said…. I have that exact same guitar and I've been wondering about its history, etc. Thanks for the info and the great pics. I've always loved this piece. It has nice action and a very bright sound, which I understand is a trademark of the better Alvarezes. January 29, at PM. I also own one of these beauties and the serial number on the back is I have always wondered if how many of these were manufactured.

What is the number of yours? I couldn't read it, but mine is almost in as good of shape as yours. July 10, at AM. I hade one but i broke it. Still have the plate tho. July 26, at PM. September 27, at PM. Beautiful instrumentAll Rights Reserved.

The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed.

Alvarez-Yairi- K. Yairi Discussion Group

Unanswered Questions. Instrument Buying and Selling. Wiki User These are rare guitars. Alvarez did not put many out per year. The Alvarez model was made with a laminated koa top and laminated mahogany back and sides, and, I think, at different times, with a laminated spruce top. If it suits your ears, hands, and eyes, that's all you can ask of any guitar. And the value is only whatever some buyer is willing to pay for it, which is only important if you're buying it, selling it, or insuring it.

It's a cool, good-sounding, playable instrument. If yours is a koa model, it has that distinctively different and pretty koa look as well. Hope this helped! How much is my Alvarez Guitar worth?

alvarez 5040 serial number

Asked in Guitars What is your Alvarez acoustic guitar worth? That'll be about tree fitty. Whatever someone is willing to pay. Asked in Guitars What is a Alvarez guitar worth with an model number and the serial number is ?

I have an 80's Alvarez model no. Asked in Guitars How much is an alvarez 12 string guitar worth? Asked in Winchester Firearms How much is an alvarez guitar worth with model number and the serial number is ?

alvarez 5040 serial number

Which i am willing to offer to you. Asked in Guitars, Music Collecting What is an alvarez electric guitar worth?

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Depends on model and condition.

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