Electronic harassment schizophrenia

There are some following reasonable reasons electronic harassment victim complaints are thought of as schizophrenic. In fact, schizophrenia is said to be a very popular mental disorder.

This switching is repeated endlessly, by which they are controlled not to do what they have to do, and keep wasting time. Thin iron boards were laid over to finally shut off the sound. It is also reported that they measured electric field around the bodies of the victims and non-victims in the shield room, and they detected electric field only from around victims. In schizophrenia, hallucinatory voices a patient hears usually talk about negative things about the patient, which is thought to come from negative feelings of the patient.

Sometimes the contents may vary. The purpose or intention of sent voices also seem to be specific and somehow understandable based on the analysis of reported cases by many victims.

electronic harassment schizophrenia

Multiple victims report that voices said they were aliens. All the information mentioned above shows physical and intentional aspects of what electronic harassment victims have experienced. Much of it cannot be explained if you think such information were created by schizophrenic minds of themselves instead of coming from outer sources. You also get remote pains as well which prevent you from sleeping. They draw your attention by doing actions such as getting close to you and suddenly dancing in front of you for several seconds, showing shadow boxing in front of you when there are no one but you and the guy etc.

Once you get surprised by such people, every time you see the same guy, you will understand that he is there for you. Based on countless times of these types of events which cannot happen by coincidence, you conclude that you are under surveillance and harassed by multiple people. In the meantime, once a victim understands he is under surveillance, he tends to think of even ordinary people as monitoring him, which is an actual mentally ill state of mind.

In other words, we have to admit that among people who claim they are being electronically harassed and suffer from organized stalking, there will be substantial numbers of people with mental disorder, but that is not the cause of their complaints but rather one of the results of the intensive harassment of this crime. Moreover, making victims say uncoherent things so that they get diagnosed as schizophrenia and lose trust is part of this crime.

Such information may include:. As for point 3, incoherent complaints and unscientific claims on the internet, you can regard this either as claims by victims who got mind control or as false statements by spies. Imagine an electronic harassment victim who receive pains and voices in his head. Since then, every time he gets pain attack, he applies Mercurochrome and always the pains stop. Then he starts to believe Mercurochrome can prevent attacks by energy weapons although he has no idea how it works.

He tries to tell the secret to other victims, and write the secret in his blog articles. He condemns those who deny his theory as agents of the criminal side or just ignorant.

In that way, countless victims have come to talk about unscientific ideas and discriminatory ideas including some so called conspiracy theories about who are behind the crime, what kind of technology is used in the crime and so on. Since then he has only kept spreading information regarding super natural power.

Some believe minority group in the country secretly took over the whole country and organize all bad things including this crime. Such mind control effects are seen everywhere. On the other hand, on the internet and in victim organizations, agents from the criminal side have intentionally spread unscientific or discriminatory ideas so that people think of all victims as schizophrenia or dangerous political organization.

Victims have no way to prevent such operations. Moreover, as explained, victim claims in effective way are suppressed by various attacking and many just give up speaking up while delusional statements such as preventing remote attacks with super natural power are rather promoted by the criminals, spreading with their assists. Eventually, as intended by perpetrators, the internet is dominated by incoherent victim blogs and twitter threads hard to understand.Toggle navigation.

Sign In. Dohper Benjamin Message Dohper Benjamin. January edited January in General. I came across this information and would like to share with people in Micronesia. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, according to this website, you may be a "Targeted Individual" and you might not even know you are.

Here are the list of symptoms: Source: Nationalcaresociety. Due to the difficulty of remembering such occurrences while drifting off to sleep or while waking up it is recommended that a sheet of paper and pencil be held in the hand so a mark can be made when such instances occur. This feeling is akin to the impression that these areas were devoid of blood Unaccountable increased heart rate just before drifting off to sleep causing you to wake up 2nd STAGE SIGNS: Burning sensation on the skin Loss of hair Feeling of temporary heating of the head Rashes Narcoleptic reactions, sleepiness Sleep only after mere exhaustion of enforced fatigue Virtual insomnia up days at a time with absoutely no sleep at all Miscarriage Gaunt face haggard and drawn Facial wrinkles Loss of skin turgor Hair breaks from rapid microwave heat on hair causing increase fracturing of hair shafts from expansion of water via humidity.

January Ninsei Message Ninsei. Some people just have too much time on their hands. Janitor Message Janitor. Orite, I'm an insomniac and lots in the list applied to me. Anyhow I'm also experiencing the inability to save documents I created and saved them in folders inside my laptops and the next day, they're mysteriously gone. I once asked my expert relative on techology to locate for me an important document I couldn't find it and fortunately he found it for me, and when I asked him where did he find it he said in my public folder inside my laptop.

When I told him I didn't create any public folder in my laptop, then he said it's web-linked whatever that means which anyone from anywhere could access it. February This isn't science fiction stuff. September Organized Gang Stalking, Chennai, India. Sign In or Register to comment.I was 11 when my father destroyed the condominium where he was living.

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Searching for hidden transistors or other devices that might be beaming voices into his skull, he took a hammer to the walls, shoved his fists into the holes, and pulled off chunks of plaster. He shut off the power generator and cut the electrical wires in the walls. He put his ear to the floor. He ripped up the carpet. He called A Mexican immigrant who perfected his English by reading books he sneaked into the San Diego shipyard where he helped build oil tankers, Marco Guerrero had always been an uncanny mechanic.

He could see through to the machinery of everything as if he had x-ray vision: He could adjust brakes, fix broken pipes, tap telephone lines. After mass layoffs at the shipyard, he stayed at home, documenting my first words on his camcorder and taking me to coastal tide pools to catch cobitos. But then he fell into a depression. My parents separated. He started smoking crack cocaine. After tearing his place apart, he vanished on a years-long, cross-border quest to escape alleged CIA persecutors.

My mother took me and my sister to assess the damage to the condominium, which she owned but had let our father stay in after they separated. The carpet lay in heaps against the punctured walls. A layer of cigarette ash coated the rooms.

It looked apocalyptic. Our mother, a physician specializing in internal medicine, offered a psychiatric diagnosis. Your father, she said, has paranoid schizophrenia. In college, I minored in neuroscience while majoring in journalism, searching for my absent father in fMRI brain scans and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Though he had returned from his transcontinental odyssey a couple of years earlier and moved in with his mother in San Diego, I rarely saw him; when I visited, we exchanged few words.

So-called TIs have begun banding together around the country and across the internet. He was articulate.Dec Posted by Geeldon. Journalists, due to their exceptional capability to sniff out a story, have actively leaked and exposed information of a classified nature in an effort to prove to themselves and anyone who will listen just how prominent government corruption really is.

On a global scale every nation funds its own team of secret police and military enforcers whose prime objective is to sustain and develop national-security strategies and policy. Their various dealings have always been enlightening if not interesting, suggesting they have murdered, poisoned, gassed, drugged and brainwashed enemies of the state and unwitting citizenry on a surprisingly frequent basis. It is also proven fact that these intelligence-gathering establishments have conducted unethical testing on their own soldiers and intelligence personnel using a varied range of lethal arsenal.

Journalists have detailed these arcane schemes and suspicious goings-on in their books, magazines, movies and television documentaries.

Not Schizophrenia

Undoubtedly the pungent cocktail of national-security legislation and lack of primary sources to interview places restrictions on the research avenues that journalists may pursue. As a result, the secrecy surrounding mind control developments has now piqued unquenchable global curiosity. Battle for the Mind. Since the beginning of civilisation topical issues concerning the human brain have always attracted substantial attention for a number of obvious reasons.

The human brain is a most valuable asset and extremely unique, as it holds the precious cocktail of individuality and personality. It is what separates the timid from the aggressive and the academically gifted from Mr Average. The brain controls physical movement, all cognitive capabilities memory, counting and language and regulates a vast array of bodily functions. Although substantial headway has been made in pursuit of understanding the brain and its function, scientists are still a long way from mastering and controlling the mechanisms that work within it.

This situation has uncovered many dilemmas for law-enforcement agencies, the military and medical communities, who all believe there is great potential to be found in mastering physical control of the brain and mind. Criminal psychologists, for example, are no longer blaming environmental circumstance and adverse social conditioning as the sole cause of criminal activity. They stress some individuals may be more susceptible to committing murders and assaults due to their inherited genetic wiring.

This theory asserts that there are chemicals within the brain which can trigger anger and antisocial behaviour. Those who commit grievous bodily harm may be victims of chemical imbalances which they are unable to control without the intervention of drugs and other inhibitors. Naturally it is hoped that brain exploration will offer some answers. Consultants view the exploration and control of the brain as a fascinating realm of discovery where new breakthroughs in psychiatric treatment and disease can be made.

Utilising medical research and analysis, their sole objective is to rid the world of every brain dysfunction and life-threatening condition known to mankind. The military, unlike the medical and law-enforcement professions, hold slightly different interests in brain exploration. The brain, in their eyes, contains the ultimate secret to world domination, biological warfare and intelligence gathering. They wish to discover newfound ways to torture, interrogate and annihilate enemy troops and civilians of opposing nations.

They strongly believe that the man who can crack the complex code of human behaviour is the man who has the power to manipulate, control and modify the actions and thoughts of another. It is abundantly clear why so many government-funded establishments are interested in methods which control human brains and minds because the capability to detect criminals, advance medical technology and win wars runs paramount with the security and advancement of British society.

Criminals cost the British government millions of pounds in surveillance, rehabilitation, punishment and victim-support services.

An unhealthy nation places pressure on the social services and hospital staff, as well as spreading disease and infections which are difficult to eradicate.

Humans with permanent illnesses are repeatedly forced into unemployment as a consequence. Intelligence agents and soldiers are very expensive to pay; the government could cut MoD, MI6, police service and MI5 workers by a quarter if they could infiltrate plots, assassinations, expose spies and ascertain threats to national security using quality technological surveillance and interrogation techniques. Scientists who can unravel the mysteries of brain function are worth billions of pounds to the British government and are now in mass abundance.Come on I'm sick of these fucks using synthetic schizophrenia to torture people let's take these motherfuckers down.

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If we cant get help from the government we need to start killing them. Just snatch up someone you think is in your head. Arm yourself while trying to law enforcement involved.

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The only way to end this and discourage it if gangstalkers start dieing and going to prison. If you get diagnosed with schizophrenia just go to another doctor and tell them you do not here voices and it will lift the diagnosis.

electronic harassment schizophrenia

Get a second opinion to beat v2k. We should go after other Ti's preps that way we still carry the surprise factor. I am wondering if you are aware of any technology that can record the comments from V2K. Some of the comments are that I should kill myself, they are immune from prosecution, they will kill my dogs, they will target my brother and my friends. Also in that I am aware of who the perps are, is there a way to pick up the transmissions they are disseminating from their respective locations?

Jeff jschwersinske att. I'm very aware that V2K is inside of my body and there is no doubt about it. I want to sue the federal government and my publication on this matter starting here and other places shall be proof and evidence.

No, you need to sue God since most people don't have it. He created you uniquely.

My Father Says He’s a ‘Targeted Individual.’ Maybe We All Are

Gangstalking teqniques are derived from the Jim crow laws and you are an African American go to the news. I have lost everything including my 5 year old son, income, family, friends, privacy, sanity, boyfriend etc. Hopefully there will come some sort of relief for victims. Morgellons has also been an issue for me.

Stay strong TIs. Nina Jefferson. I totally know what you are going through. I've felt so all alone. My perps are neighbors, as they tell me they live across the street.

It's so frustrating. My boyfriend thinks it's all my imagination. I live in Las Vegas by Smokeranch and Jones. I'm sorry for your losses and I don't have advice right now,yet.

It's somewhat comforting knowing that there are other Tis close by. I've read unity of victims and spreading awareness of this intrusive crime is a start, but until now, I've only read of TI's in the UK,and other countries or States like Illinois.This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors.

The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.

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It looks like you're using an Ad Blocker. Please white-list or disable AboveTopSecret. Thank you. Some features of ATS will be disabled while you continue to use an ad-blocker. If you input the word "targeted individual" TI or "gangstalking" in a Search Engine you will find Forums, Discussion Boards, Reports and Sites of Millions of Individuals who claim to be victims of Government harassment, Gang harassment, electronic harassment, psychotronic harassment, remote mind control, group stalking.

If most of this is untrue it is important because it means that there are millions of mentally ill people running around without getting proper help. No matter which side of the debate you are on, this is an emergency-issue. This thread asks the question whether the majority of this phenomena is due to Overactive Imagination 5. Other Causes There are a lot of people around who seem unable to view this from any other than their own position.

I really do think that all five are possible, even after looking into the subject for some time. Meanwhile I have become somewhat a skeptic because in lengthy conversations with TI's I have found that they fail to produce evidence and fail to desire or act for a resolution of the issue much more preferring to remain a victim of overpowering circumstances.

I get impatient with this. I ask "Why dont you go have that checked? I am willing to be open-minded enough to consider that they are really being targeted by psychotronic devices of the Government or that they are really being gangstalked, but are they willing to consider they may be wrong and that their minds are making it all up? If there is ever going to be some resolution and learning on these issues, they need to be discussed from all sides.

No thanks to the media who pretends the problem does not exist. Rising Against. Well, we know people have, in fact, been targeted -- that it does really happen all the time. People being delusional also happens all the time. If I were targeting people, I would be quite pleased if there was already a large, easily discredited pool of people claiming to be targeted, because that would ensure anyone who really was being targeted would never be believed.

Exactly how organized, motivated and directed are we thinking a paranoid schizophrenic can be? I'm sure they can find such communities once they exist. I'm even sure some would have the ability to build and maintain them.

The fact that the majority of schizophrenics are extremely anti-social -- that withdrawal is one of the diagnostic criteria -- also doesn't have to mean they wouldn't be motived to seek regular, organized social contact in these circumstances.

But to me, all this means is that, if I wanted to ensure the survival and flourishing of such a community, I wouldn't have to engage in a particularly complicated agenda to do so.

I'd just have to provide the basics, bridge the gaps and keep nudging it all along. But then, I would say that, because I'm a paranoid schizophrenic. I agree with all of the above, except the assertion that "paranoid schizophrenic" and "schizophrenic of the paranoid subtype" are all that different. I get it, I just know that people diagnosed as the latter still use the former because it's frankly just an easier shorthand.

Electronic harassment

Also, I'm not sure the OP meant to diagnose people so much as to explore the topic of where issues of mental illness intersect with mystery-seeking communities, which seems like a valid area of discussion. That said, I agree completely that Diagnosis by Internet Syndrome is rampant. I see several cases every day. I was doing character development for a story I will be writing, and wanted to get the mindset of paranoia.

So I went to YouTube, the place of all knowledge and wisdom and information about mental illness. I found someone who had be a respected professional journalist, who believed anybody anywhere at anytime doing anything was a part of a " false flag domestic terrorism organized crime private stalking snitch network campaign". She would video tape all the cars around her in one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the states on Friday afternoon drive time, convince any car around her was stalking her.

As were all her neighbors, all the people out walking, all the peole in planes overhead, all the people in the stores she shopped at, any computer or machine around her, all the plumbing, any motor, any space visible around any lighting fixture, doorjamb or window, every cloud in the skyWe have learned that Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Doctors have been involved in calibrating and fine-tuning torture. Recent spotlights this spring on APA revive this horror.

These are people who took an oath to heal people, to protect and preserve human life. Can we believe today that psychiatrists involved with classified CIA operations can possibly be trusted?


Others believe it is squarely rooted in government. As president, George Bush stated, it is both. People coming forward including this writer to report being assaulted by pulsed radiation weapons targeting their bodies, covert neurotechnology implants burning up hotspots on various parts of their anatomy, and being subjected to remote microwave torture, directed-energy-weapon attacks, sleep deprivation, and in many cases also Voice to Skull microwave hearing, are not reporting the contents of delusions, hallucinations, or overworked imaginations, as Authoritarian Psychiatrists would like us to believe.

See this discussion on Psychotronic Weapons from this website in Europe. These implants are radio-frequency emitting; they can be detected by radio frequency meters and spectrum analyzers. RFID chips implanted in humans can even be read by bar code scanners. Portable precision-strike directed-energy weapons exist, and are being trained on non-consenting civilians worldwide.

Nick Begich. On the word of the Authority-Figure of the Psychiatrist, the individual is instantly labelled Unstable, Paranoid, and Delusional. Take a look at this website created by military veterans being assaulted in many ways, including being used as vaccine experimentees, Targeted-Individuals.

Note this article by late Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Thomas Szaszdiscussing how psychiatry seeks credibility by aligning itself with Law, rather than with Medicine, other branches of which take care to situate themselves on par with Law rather than subservient to it, and an article by professor Dr.

Jeffrey Schalerdiscussing the history of psychiatric abuse, and the collusion of Law with Psychiatry.

electronic harassment schizophrenia

Jeffrey Schaler: History of Psychiatric Abuse. But this is all changing today. Many organizations and individuals, including careered psychiatrists are exposing and challenging the old accepted norms of Authoritarian Psychiatry. Biological psychiatry has come under fire. A Psychiatrist Explains. Schaler states, is a manual of i nvented disorders. Drugs prescribed by psychiatrists are being found to be dangerous and in themselves inducive of brain damage—ethical sales professionals in Big Pharma are beginning to speak up.

Exposure permits an End to Abuse. Exposure will also open up this whole field of enquiry—the whole subject of Electronic Warfare and brain-control and central-nervous-system control weapons—to the public. What kind of biological, psychological, and behavioral control of the average human is currently possible, by use of these invisible energy weapons? See this Department of Justice memo.

Electronic Stalking and Harassment

I wonder why? If some of us are letting our imaginations run wild, why should the State care? Because none of this is imagined. When the clear light of Truth being shone on dark, dirty, and Covert operations becomes too blinding, the State seeks to shut the light down: this is what Targeting is today. Sound ridiculous? But we need the whole world talking about it!

I have come to understand that yes, there is a covert conspiracy in action. There Is a covert war on All of Humanity. This is why All of Humanity needs to wake up and expose and terminate this absolute evil.

The New World Order is neither new nor is it order, it is quite Medieval, and ruthlessly Totalitarian in intent— Medieval Totalitarian Control might be a better name for it. Lots of sites explore this Transhumanist end-game currently; more to be posted here soon.

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