Futurerestore linux

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. It only takes a minute to sign up. I had an similar error earlier today and looks like I had to create a link. However I do see libzip.

Interesting part is, I don't see it as a package. First try running ldconfig command to recreate links e and libraries cache.

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As you said that file already exists may you need only a refresh. In my case was something like:. Ubuntu Community Ask!

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Downgrade iOS

Viewed 6k times. Active Oldest Votes. You have to install libzip. Maybe try the command: sudo apt install libzip4 Also I had to install libcurl to get the program to work.

If this not work you could use ldd command to list all shared libraries of this program. In my case was something like: libzip. So I tried find libzip.

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How should we celebrate 10 years of Ask Ubuntu? Linked 1. Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled.However, based on its glitches and the negative feedback from users due to bugs and other issues, you may be thinking of how to downgrade IOS. Considering how to downgrade IOS might erase all your existing data in your device including your passwords, photos, and apps.

Therefore, you need to be very careful before you proceed on how to downgrade IOS Following the release of IOS This is a routine encourage users to keep their OS up to date. However, due to its negative feedback, IOS There are two requirements that you need on how to downgrade IOS.

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For example, when your boss asked you to sign a document without you using a pen and paper, you can choose to make a digital signature. This digital signature is important on how to downgrade IOS because without this, you will not be able to recover an IOS version in your device.


If you have saved your current SHSH2 blobs, you will be able to recover the IOS version your phone is currently running, even though Apple stops signing it. Before getting started on how to downgrade IOS, you have to use a lightning USB cable to connect your device to your computer. Then, open iTunes. To start how to downgrade IOS To do this, look to Settings then select Summary. Then just copy the ECID number to be used later. As for the Model Identifier, just follow the same steps you did in finding the ECID number by clicking on the serial number until the number shows up.

futurerestore linux

Copy the number to make sure that it matches with the selections later on. I know that the steps in getting SHSH2 blobs sound complicated but believe me they are achievable if you follow the steps. The next step on how to downgrade IOS version is to convert the ECID to a hexadecimal value which contains a combination of numbers and letters. This works best in extracting SHSH2 blobs.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Simple use bash autogen.

For installing use make install. Whenever you read "downgrade" nowadays it means you can also upgrade and re-restore if you're on the same iOS.

futurerestore linux

Basically this allows restoring an iOS and the installed iOS doesn't matter. Use img4tool for sign iBSS: img4tool -s ticket. Use img4tool for sign iBEC: img4tool -s ticket. So, after signing we can boot into Recovery with irecovery :. So good! On the computer run futurerestore -t ticket. If you have signing tickets for iOS 9.

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Futurerestore linux log. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features! Getting SepNonce in recovery mode Getting ApNonce in recovery mode Device ed87b4cf67f23a66c3e7eb8bcd09e5bcc37a is now connected in restore mode Device ed87b4cf67f23a66c3e7eb8bcd09e5bcc37a has successfully entered restore mode. Sending iBEC bytes Sending RestoreLogo bytes Sending RestoreRamDisk bytes Extracting DeviceTree. Sending RestoreDeviceTree bytes Extracting kernelcache.

Sending RestoreKernelCache bytes Waiting for device Connecting now Connected to com. Extracting iBoot. Personalizing IMG4 component iBoot Sending NORData now Sending RootTicket now Sending KernelCache now About to send BasebandData Sending BasebandData now Done sending BasebandData Updating Baseband in progress Sending FUD data now DONE Done: restoring succeeded. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics.

By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. OK, I Understand.This guide will teach you on how to use Futurerestore to upgrade, downgrade, or re-restore to an unsigned firmware. Before continuing, keep in mind that this guide is based off of this oneand contains information that can change your device's behavior and even damage it.

Note that if anything happens to your device, you will be held resposible for the damaged caused. In order to use Futurerestore to upgrade, dowgrade, or re-restore to your desired unsigned firmware, there are a few things you will need, such as:. In order to obtain additional files, you'll have to extract the IPSW. You can use extract. Once you have these files, its a good practice to put them inside a folder located on your desktop, named futurerestore.

Your nonce generator is a character string used by the device's bootloaders in order to authenticate a legitimate restore with Apple, which is why its so critial to have SHSH blobs saved, as they contain this string. Next to, or underneath, you'll find your nonce generator.

Copy the character string onto a text file inside your futurerestore folder, as you will need this string later on. In order to specify your nonce generator, you will need a nonce setter. Nonce setters are often applications somewhat like jailbreaks, but only grant access to your device's NVRAM in order to change your current nonce. There are many nonce setters released supporting many fimrwares. Here's a list of a few released by respected jailbreak developers:. You can install and use a nonce setter that supports your iOS firmware by downloading the application from Cydia, or by sideloading it with Cydia Impactor or ReProvision.

Alternatively, modern jailbreaks, such as unc0ver or Chimerahave an option to set your nonce generator on supported firmwares, so you can use your jailbreak tool as well. Once you've set your nonce generator, you're ready to begin the restoration process. Note that if you power off your device, or it turns off for any given reason, you will need to set your nonce again.

You're finally ready to start using Futurerestore in order to upgrade, downgrade, or re-restore to your desired unsigned firmware.

Before you move forward, keep in mind that:. With that out of the way, lets cut to the chase.

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There are 2 ways you can use Futurerestore in order upgrade, downgrade, or re-restore to an unsigned firmware. This guide will explain both. This method is used when you are certain that the latest iOS release has an SEP and Baseband that is fully compatible with the version you're trying to upgrade, downgrade, or re-restore to. Often times, this is the most common method used by many. This method is used when the latest iOS release has an SEP and Baseband that is not compatible with the version you're trying to upgrade, downgrade, or re-restore to.

The neat thing about this is that its similar to the previous method, except there are some alternations. If you run into any issues during the Futurerestore process, please refer to thiswhich includes the most common errors you can encouter when using Futurerestore, and how to fix them.

futurerestore linux

Background Info Before you begin following this guide, keep in mind that: This guide was created to teach users specially beginners how to use Futurerestore in order to downgrade their devices to iOS However, the methods used in this guide are not limited to these users only, as they are essensially the same for other firmwares.

This means that you're able to use the latest SEP and Baseband without having to worry about the "fortnight bug", a bug which causes your device to stop working after 2 weeks. If you're planning to backup your device in order to use that backup after futurerestoring, note that said backup must not include any jailbreak data.

Modern jailbreaks have an option to "uninstall" or remove the jailbreak, and there are many tools out there that can delete your jailbreak without losing data. If you have it installed, uninstall it, then download the latest iTunes release from Apple's website in order to install its drivers correctly.As the bit devices have been a little neglected of late, long in the tooth as they are, this new release could help to spice things up a little.

It now includes all the functionality of the Odysseus downgrade toolallowing users to levy their saved blobs to upgrade, downgrade, or restore their devices to unsigned firmware, hassle-free. Unzip it.

If kDFUApp does not support your device yet you will have to find an iBSS to use from another source, which is beyond the scope of this article. Alternatively, kDFUApp will be updated at some point to widen its support. This is fine, and in fact confirms that kDFU mode has been entered. The command looks like this:. Be sure to double-check your filenames are correct and the files are in the futurerestore folder before issuing the command. Whilst this is not significantly harder, you must specify several more files in the restore command and so I will leave it out of this guide.

It should not be necessary to do this anyway; the latest baseband seems to be compatible with all destination firmwares so far in testing. Make sure your device is still plugged in, with a black screen kDFU modeand that you do not disconnect it until the process is done.

How TO Downgrade TO Unsigned iOS Version [2019]

The restore will initiate. This is desired and means the process is successfully begun. If it reboots without a green screen then it may not have worked.

With luck, the restore will complete successfully and your device will return to the iOS setup screens. You are now back to the firmware of your choice! The addition of Odysseus functionality to futurerestore is very powerful, allowing the restoring of all legacy devices to any firmware with a single Terminal command, if you have the blobs to back it up.

Leave a comment down below if you need additional help with this process, and to let me know your results. Did it work for you? Are keys not available for your device, or is it not supported by the kDFU app?In this part of my iOS downgrade tutorial, I'll explain you how to downgrade any 32 bit device to any firmware beta included with shsh.

A macOS or Linux computer windows futurerestore does not have support for libipatcher The ipsw file of the version you want to go to. You can download firmware files from ipsw.

futurerestore linux

You can download it from here Your shsh file. See how to check for blobs here soon Your device must be jailbroken and with tfp0 patch or hgsp4 patch.

Most jailbreaks are ready for this. Check if your jailbreak supports the patches here Procedure On your device, open Cydia and add this repo: repo. If your device is not supported, check the bottom of this page to find another method. Open the app and follow on screen instructions. After your device shows a black screen, press any button home,powerconnect it to computer and check if iTunes recognized it as a dfu mode device.

If iTunes did not detect your device, hard reboot and try again If iTunes recognized your device, extract futurerestore on your desktop Put the ipsw and the shsh file in the same folder of futurerestore. I suggest renaming the ipsw to "ipsw. Example: ". Check if it says "odysseus support:yes" so you're ready to go. If iTunes opens, close it.

Note 1: What to do if KDfuApp does not support your device: KDfuApp does not support every device, but don't worry: there's another method to get into pwned dfu mode. Download kloader from tihmstar repo if you have iOS 9. You can use filza on device or any tool from pc to move files in your iphone. Now go here soon and download the pwned iBSS file for your device. Your device will show some text and then will boot to a black screen.

After 10 seconds press any button and you can continue reading the tutorial. Note 1: What to do if futurerestore says "abort trap 6" or complains something about keys: That happens when keys for your device are not available on the ipsw.

No worry, there's a workaround. Download thisextract it and rename the folder to just "firmware" Put the folder in your home directory Open a terminal window, cd to home directory by default it's already done and execute this command: "sudo python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80" Now try again to execute futurerestore and see if it works.

If it still gives errors, probably your firmware keys are not available. Thanks to. Downgrade iOS Futurerestore: 32bit devices with shsh.

No need to boot with pc. Check if your jailbreak supports the patches here Procedure. Note 1: What to do if futurerestore says "abort trap 6" or complains something about keys:.

More downgrade tutorials will be available asap.

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